Ежегодный международный форум «ЦОД» (16+)

Conference Programm 2019

The plenary section

  • Data center and cloud services market. Analytics
  • Digital transformation of state and business
  • The data center of new generation. Technological trends
  • New megaDC projects in Russia

The Panel discussion «Data center and the Government» (as a continuation of the plenary section) 

  • The Government incentives for the data center industry 
  • The development of the data center requirements for the deployment of state IT-systems
  • The cooperation between commercial Data Centers and the government customers: risk analysis
  • Export potential of the Russian data center and cloud services industry

Section "IT infrastructure"

Section "Engineering infrastructure"

Section "Services of commercial data centers. Cloud services"

Section "Design, construction, management and operation of data centers"

  • Evolution of IT architecture: convergence, hyper-convergence... What comes next?
  • The development of server solutions for data centers
  • Storage systems. Trends and news
  • Data center and inter-data center networks
  • Open Source Cloud Platforms
  • Transition to the  microservice architecture
  • PFMs for data centers
  • Intellectual Data Center. Opportunities and risks
  • New approaches to the construction of uninterruptible power systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Edge DC: mini, micro, nano
  • The modern approaches to the fire protection in Data Centers
  • Hybrid clouds implementation
  • MultiCloud solutions
  • Cloud platforms 
  • Containers as a service
  • PaaS development


  • Modern design technologies
  • How to speed up the implementation of a data center
  • Organization and regulations of the operating process
  • Best Practices of free-cooling using
  • Cloud technologies for data center management. "Pros and cons"

Investors Club 

  • Investment attractiveness of the Data Centers industry
  • New Asian investors in the Russian market: opportunities and prospects
  • Investment attractiveness of the regions (presentations of the regions)
  • Prospects of Russian data centers using by foreign data owners/generators

Discussion. Data Center – 2020 

  • How the new mega-projects will change the Russian data center market landscape
  • How to double the market: will government IT-systems go to commercial data centers
  • Data Center for "digital business"
  • New data center construction technologies: good and fast